Session 2

Artus, in an attempt to flee from the guards, jumped into a nearby wagon and covered himself with the contents inside. The guards did not find him. Meanwhile, Diverti, went to the market to see where he could find shelter. He arrived at the bustling marketplace and approached the stall of a man selling furs. Diverti begged the man for some money, but the man would not give him any. Diverti began to have a conversation with the man and the man grew friendlier and friendlier as the conversation wen on. Finally, Diverti asked if the man knew a way to make money in this town and the man told him that he needs to make a trip to Thraben to sell his furs. The man said he needed an escort and he said he would pay ten gold to Diverti if he could. Diverti gladly accepted and asked the man for his name. The man told Diverti that his name is Tevye.

Tevye and Diverti went back to the wagon and they brought Artus back to his house. Tevye told the two of them that they could not escort him tommorrow, but they must wait one week for the Harvest Moon to be at it’s peak and for the god Pelor to be his strongest. The next morning Diverti and Artus went into town and set up a target at Tevye’s shop. They began to gather a crowd when Artus began to yell for men to make bets on whether or not he could hit the target. As the crowd grew bigger, one man stepped forward and bet four silver that Artus couldn’t hit it in the center. Artus accepted and fired his bow. He missed the center by a hair. He gave the money to the man and began shouting again. I bet I couldn’t hit the target with two arrows at the same time. This time more men accepted the wager and in total gambled ninety-six silver. Artus pulled back his bow and fired it. He nailed the target with both arrows. Dismayed the men grumbled and handed over their wagers.

Later that night Artus and Diverti find the tallest house they can find and try to look inside. They see a man inside, but decide to wait another night before robbing him. As they head down the road for Tevye’s house. A man stops the small group. The man has two cathars with him and demands that Diverti come with them to the jailhouse at once. He is being arrested for begging. The two cathars tie a rope around Diverti’s hands and take him away to the jailhouse. Artus follows close behind. In his cell Diverti starts chatting to the other prisoner in the jailhouse. It is a dwarf like himself and the dwarf begins to rant about werewolves. The dwarf tells Diverti that the mayor himself is a werewolf and that he chains himself up when he thinks he is going to turn into the wolf. The dwarf says that he used to be a servant of Mayor Avabruck until he stumbled upon this dark secret. After discovering the secret he was arrested for falsifying facts. That’s not even a crime. After talking with the dwarf for a long time, Diverti finally sleeps until morning. He is released from prison and returns to Tevye’s. After meeting back up with Artus the group decides to lay low for the day.

A day passes when one day guards start running and riding through Hanweir shouting that all willing and able men should report to the town square. Artus and Diverti decide to go to the town square where they see a large crowd of men. Finally one of the guards shouts to the group that the necromancer Geralf has been raising the undead at a graf near Hanweir. The undead are attacking anyone nearby. The guards and cathars want to destroy the undead before they do anymore harm. They want to take a large group of men and exterminate the undead. Artus and Diverti decide that they want to go along to see what the undead are like. The group of men walk a few days and finally come across an area swarmed with undead. These undead are just walking around slowly in an unorganized fashion. Diverti and Artus are assigned a section to deal with and killing and violence ensues.

Before Diverti and Artus attack the undead they work out a plan. Artus will shoot each undead at a distance while Diverti distracts it up close. This works as planned and after a long while they clear out all of the undead. They meet with the Cathars once more and the cathars tell them that there is a mausoleum in the graf that is filled to the brim with undead. The cathars ask Artus and Diverti to assist them as they clear it. They go inside killing undead as they go until they come across a split in the path of the mausoleum. Artus and Diverti decide to take on one of the paths on their own and the cathars go their own way. The first room Artus and Diverti come across has a few scattered undead in it. They quickly kill them and move on. The next room is filled with wards that fire arrows when activated. As Artus and Diverti enter the room the undead attack and the arrows start flying. Artus is hit by an arrow but moves through them and slays the undead. Diverti blocks the arrows witha shield he picked up from an undead outside. In the next room the players face two undead. One is on a ramp and if firing arrows from above. The other has a battleaxe and is moving towards them fast. Diverti takes on the undead with the battleaxe and Artus shoots the undead with the arrows. Diverti takes the undead’s battleaxe and Artus takes the undead’s arrows.

Session 1

Our story begins at a remote temple to Asmodeus. There Diverti, an Asmodean paladin, has been staying with the Asmodean cleric, Dominic. Our hero Diverti has decided that it is time to move on and begins to say his goodbyes to Dominic when Dominic gives Diverti a proposition to join the underground cult organization, the Skirsdag. Dominic revealed that this organization is dedicated specifically to the Demon Lord Griselbrand and the cult tries to further Griselbrand’s wishes as best as they can. Diverti politely declined. Dominic understands and respects Diverti’s wishes and tells him that whenever he needs, he can find an ally with the Skirsdag.

As Diverti leaves the and walks for a short distance down the nearest crossway, he spots a figure in the distance. As Diverti gets closer he realizes that it is an Eladrin. The Eladrin is dressed in rags with only a shortbow and shortsword. The Eladrin immediately challenges Diverti to a duel. Diverti draws his shortsword, his only possession and the Eladrin draws his shortbow. The Eladrin fires and misses and Diverti charges and nicks the Eladrin with his sword. The Eladrin gracefully moves backwards and takes another shot and misses again. Diverti advances in the midst of arrows being fired at him and strikes the Eladrin once more. The Eladrin composes himself and tells Diverti to surrender for Diverti has no chance. Diverti declines and the Eladrin proceeds to fire two arrows from his shortbow. Both arrows hit and Diverti is wounded. But Diverti calls upon the power of Asmodeus and charges at the Eladrin once more and knocks the Eladrin down. The Eladrin then tells Diverti that perhaps they could be allies. Diverti agrees, deciding they have a lot of common goals, and they end the fight. The Eladrin introduces himself as Artus.

The two decide to journey to Thraben and begin to follow the crossway to Hanweir a town on the way to Thraben. After a days journey they arrive at the city and approach the heavily guarded gates. A man rides out on his horse escorted by two cathars. They demand that they test Artus and Diverti to see if they are werewolves. The two agree and the cathars nick them both with their holy silver swords. Then the cathars allow the two into the city.

Upon entering the city of Hanweir Artus and Diverti decide that they need money. Diverti begins to beg while Artus attempts to pickpocket a man. The man notices and begins to yell for guards. Four guards begin to chase Artus. Artus makes a heroic jump onto the top of the roof of one of the houses, but is hit on his leg by one of the guard’s crossbows. The guards begin to try and get inside the house to climb to the roof. The guards make it inside and to the rooftop and two of the guards begin to fire at Artus. Artus leaps down where he surrenders to the guards.


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